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The Real Truth About Buying Men's Custom Pants

Former 7th Avenue Fashion Designer Tells All!
(Don't Buy Another Pair of Men's Custom Tailored Pants Until You Read This.)


  • Finally, pants that fit and don’t cost an arm and a leg.
  • Fabulous fabric and style selection.
  • Goof proof measurement system.

New York, NY- Are your custom made pants truly custom made? Or are you still wearing poor-fitting off-the-rack slacks? You deserve to feel comfortable and confident in your dress pants. Learn what to look for in custom made slacks and find out how you can purchase custom tailored pants completely designed for your build at off-the-rack prices

The Shocking Truth About Most Custom Made Trousers

The majority of companies that claim they offer custom made pants are really offering nothing more than tailored off-the-rack pants. Most men simply don’t know they really aren’t buying pants designed to fit them in the best way,” says fashion expert Janine Giorgenti. “After leaving the traditional fashion industry, I decided to tell the truth about this misrepresentation.”

Not All Men’s Custom Slacks Are Created Equal. Discover Why.

According to Janine Giorgenti, nationally recognized fashion expert, “Not all custom slacks for men are created equal.” After many years in the New York fashion industry, Ms. Giorgenti did something no other fashion designer has done before. She "went public" with an insider's view of what she said "is really going on in the men's custom pants industry".

The Untold Truth About Pseudo “Custom” Trousers

Ms. Giorgenti commented that, “Many custom pants are not really custom at all! Many retailers are essentially tailoring off-the-rack pants in the waist and inseam. The problem with selling “pseudo” custom made pants is that it ignores other important factors that determine the fit and comfort of the pants including the relationship between the waist and hip measurement,” she said. “Without considering these factors, calling these pants custom is misleading!”

Breakthrough Solution: Perfect Fit, Custom Made Pants at Great Prices

During the last five years, Giorgenti and her team of experts perfected a measuring system Giorgenti calls "customized to perfection". We know of no other custom pants company offering this. Only Giorgenti does.

Scientific Pants Measurement System Keeps Customers Happy and Return Rates Low

“We’ve developed a measuring system based on sound scientific principles. We get a total of 15 different measurements and body proportions before we will create a pair of custom made pants for a new customer. These measurements are then analyzed and verified for completeness and accuracy. In addition, when deemed necessary, our certified pattern makers and image and wardrobe consultants call our customers to verify measurements and style details. Our ‘holistic’ approach lets us manufacture real custom made pants for any customer regardless of their body type or pants fitting challenges. Our system is so complete that 95% of the time our customers never return pants delivered to them.” Compare this to the industry return rate of 30%!

Now Custom Tailored Pants Are Affordable For Men Who Are Hard to Fit!

"One of the reasons I created my company was to help men with fit challenges, who either have to pay through the nose for high priced custom dress slacks or pay an exorbitant amount in alteration costs. Because we don't have the high overhead of regular retail stores, we are able to keep our costs down. Also, online order processing streamlines the paperwork and processing costs, making custom pants affordable for tall men, short men, athletic build men, big and tall men and others."

Custom Tailored Pants Shipped As Fast As 4 Weeks!

“Our delivery time is quick! Only 4 weeks.” This super fast delivery time was unheard of in the custom pants business until Giorgenti launched her “customized to perfection” web site called bestcustompants.com  “To boot, we have more styles and selection than the majority of retail and online stores.” Giorgenti added, “because we have avoided the expense of running brick and mortar retail chains that have to pay high rent and have high overhead costs. We’ve taken our cost saving advantage,” she said, “and invested what we’ve saved in the widest selection of custom tailored pants options available today.”

Enthusiasm, Fashion Design Expertise and Innovation Makes the Difference

In listening to Ms. Giorgenti, it was obvious to us that she had a level of knowledge and enthusiasm for the custom made slacks business that makes her business as unique and successful as it is.  See for yourself; click on the link below to visit Ms. Giorgenti's online custom pants design center. We assure you, you will never go back to off-the-rack.