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How to Measure For Custom Pants


If you know your waist size, hip measurement and inseam, you are ready to go. Proceed to fabrics selection and our easy to follow measurement form will help you do the rest. If you are don't know your measurements, use our easy measurement guide below to help you. Feel free to call us at 1-800-815-4784 or use our live chat if you have questions or run into problems along the way.

How to measure your waist

Place tape measure around your waist (where you wear your pants) and enter the measurement.

Waist Measurement

NOTE: Your true waist measurement is typically larger than the pants size you buy. Provide your true waist measurement as described in the photo.

How to measure your hip/seat

Place tape measure around your hips going over the fullest/largest part of your buttocks and enter the measurement.

Hip/Seat Measurement

How to measure your thigh

Place tape measure around the fullest part of your thigh to get a true, natural measurement, without pinching skin or adding any slack.

Thigh Measurement

How to measure the out seam

Take your best fitting pants. Place a tape measure at the top of the waistband and measure to the bottom of the hem to get the out seam.

Out Seam Measurement

How to measure the inseam

Take your best fitting pants. Place a tape measure from the crotch down to the bottom of the hem to get the inseam.

Inseam Measurement

How to measure the U Rise

This measurement is taken in 3 steps.

Step-1 Start measuring from top of the back waistband as show in picture-1

Step-2 Bring the tape down and under your crotch to all the way to the top of the front waistband as shown in pictures-2 and 3

Step-3 Stop at the top of the belt buckle or at top of the waistband and take the measurement as shown in picture-3

Note: Please do not take this measurement too tight or loose.

U Rise Measurement




How do I communicate special fit challenges?

It’s simple! Just write them in the Special Comments section of our online measurement form. Our highly skilled pattern makers with years of experience will solve all of your fit challenges. You’ll receive the best fitting custom pants you’ve ever owned.

We are the REAL deal. We take into account your body shape and body proportions, including all of your fit challenges, when we design your custom pants. From us, you'll get real custom made pants that are beautifully tailored, well fitted, in gorgeous fabrics. Our custom dress pants come with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. So, rest assured that the onus of providing you with great fitting custom pants is on us, no matter what measurements you provide.

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