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No measurement goof ups!
You can't make a mistake with our E-Z interactive measurement system®.


Worry Free Giorgenti Guarantee


Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

If the pants do not fit due to inaccuracies in measurements provided by you, we will either issue a $25 alteration allowance or will remake the pants at 50% off the original purchase price.

This offer does not apply to our special custom tailored pants deal (buy 3 and get one free) once you have approved the trial fit pair of pants or given us necessary adjustments.

BestCustompants.com guarantees the quality and fit of your pants: High quality fabrics combined with the appropriate fit for your body type.

We custom make your pants based on the measurements you provide. In most cases, we nail the fit when we cut the first pattern. However, occasionally, when pants do not fit exactly the way you want, we offer mutually fair and equitable ways to rectify the situation.

What happens if your pants don't fit?

Can I get my money back?

Our products are custom made, so we do not issue refunds. Therefore, it is vital that you provide us with an accurate set of measurements. We encourage you to take advantage of our Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure that you get a great fitting pair of pants.

Should I send my pants back if I want them remade?

Not necessarily. We decide this after discussing the problem with you. We often use returned pants to determine where our customer's dissatisfaction lies, so that we can perfect our system. BestCustomPants.com donates to charity those pants customers do not want returned.

How do I know I took the right measurements?

When BestCustomPants.com receives your order, we will inspect your measurements for any obvious errors. If any of your measurements do not look right, we will immediately e-mail you a measurement form and request that you double check your measurements. We will not continue the production of your pants until we receive your confirmation concerning your measurements. BestCustomPants.com guarantees that those customers who take their measurements by closely following our instructions will have pants that fit on their first order 95% of the time or more.

Note: On our special custom tailored pants deal, once you approve the fit of the first trial pair of pants or have us adjust your measurements, and we make the balance of your order based on your instructions, the custom tailored pants sale will be considered final with no refund or remake.