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Custom Pants For Shorter Men ($89 - $275)

Do you have difficulty finding pants that fit properly?
Perfect Fit Giorgenti
Custom Made Pants

Shorter men have fit challenges which can only be solved with custom made pants. Giorgenti will help you! We have custom tailored pants solutions for shorter men.

Giorgenti Custom Tailored Pants are the Answer to Shorter Men's Fit ChallengesChallenges

Giorgenti custom made slacks are the antidote to pants that are too baggy or tight in the seat. Our custom made pants are properly proportioned, so you look great and feel confident. Giorgenti custom men's pants end such problems as the crotch length being too long, your pants legs or cuffs being too wide and the poor selection of styles and fabrics for men of your stature.

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Giorgenti solves shorter men’s custom pants fit challenges

Janine Giorgenti is a fashion designer and master pattern maker who has trained at New York's world renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. A fourth generation designer with roots in the old school of Italian couture and tailoring, Giorgenti has helped thousands of men resolve their custom pants fit challenges. She has spent the past several decades in the fashion industry studying body shapes of all sizes, perfecting the art of creating custom made trousers for the "shorter gentleman". Your shorter men's custom made pants are a click away!

One of our wardrobe consultants will create a unique pattern based on your height and weight and a simple pictorial measurement form that you fill out. We will make you look your best in our custom tailored pants. Giorgenti provides you with the right fit, selection and size.

Many other internet men’s custom pants makers only pay attention to your waist size and inseam length. Designer Janine Giorgenti factors in total body proportions to give you perfect fitting custom made pants. That's how she creates custom tailored pants for the "shorter gentleman."

Giorgenti Custom Made
Pants Flatter a Shorter Build
Perfect Fit By Design…Every Time

Not only do we ask you for your weight, height, waist, inseam and other measurements, your order will be reviewed by our experienced master tailors, who will make proper adjustments to your measurements (if your measurements are not correct) before sending your custom made slacks order to our shop.

One of our wardrobe consultants will carefully go over your custom made trousers order with you, qualifying measurements, fit problems, style and fabric choices. NO other on-line company does that!

Experience the perfect fit of our men’s custom pants and you will never go back to off-the-rack. 

Start enjoying the confidence that comes with perfect fitting custom made slacks and a flawless image today!